My Trip To A&E

This morning after dropping off my oldest at school, I decided to head down to A&E to see if they could scan me and tell me if this pregnancy has a chance.

I waited 90 minutes for the “meet and greet” (that’s the first bit, before you get to see the doctor). I explained everything to the nurse. She called the Early Pregnancy Unit (eye roll – should have gone straight there), who said they couldn’t fit me in today and that I really needed to be 7 weeks before they would scan me. There must have been a change of dates because they saw me at 6+3 last time.

Anyway, the nurse did a pregnancy test. I think it crossed her mind that I was making the whole thing up. She asked me, “Exactly who has confirmed this pregnancy?”


Long story short, she told me to take another pregnancy test next week and if it was still positive and I was still bleeding to come back and they would refer me to Early Pregnancy.

I explained I already had a scan booked there at 8 weeks.

She offered to book me an appointment with my GP.

That was beyond pointless, so I thanked her and left.


Bleeding has picked up enough that I’m now wearing a pad, just in case. Oldest son has a playdate after school today and I’m heading off to get him in a minute.

I called Mum and told her it’s probably all over. She’s holding out for a miracle, as am I.

I’m feeling pre-menstrual and my lower back is starting to ache. I just cannot believe the timing – it’s almost comical.

Ha ha.

If I ever have a third baby, I am going to write a book about all this.

8 thoughts on “My Trip To A&E”

  1. FFS I want to slap the people running your medical system around the damn head. You need to take someone with you who doesn’t mind making a fuss. If you can stand the embarrassment it will probably get you whatever you want! Ugh. That’s just me being so angry. I should really just be calm and warm as you don’t need angry. My thoughts are with you Rose. This is beyond unfair. xxx

  2. I dislike this even more than your last post that I just read!! I absolutely cannot believe the medical system over there! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with so much BS right now, it’s so completely unfair. I would have told that lady “Nobody has confirmed this pregnancy because you people won’t do your job!” I agree with Emily, you need to take someone in there that will throw a damn fit. Ugh! So sorry!!!

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