My Minimalist Desk – Ten Months On

minimalist desk

I posted about finally getting to a completely clear desk in August 2013. I wanted to do a quick update today.

Some changes:

  • My desk is now upstairs in the spare room (it used to live downstairs, in the conservatory). This works better for us as we tend to use that downstairs space as more of a children’s play area.
  • I have relocated my in-tray to a bookshelf. It keeps my paperwork out of my eye-line when I am writing.
  • We have a house back-up drive running on the right (soon to be relocated), and a small photo printer on the left.

And how have the last ten months been?


Firstly, I love not having my in-tray hanging around in the area where I am working – so much nicer than when I had to look at bits and bobs floating around in there that needed doing.

Secondly, It has been pretty straightforward keeping it this way – especially now that it is upstairs, as I am less likely to use the surface as a dumping ground for letters and paperwork that comes in through the door.

Most of all, I find it so peaceful to sit and work without any visual distractions – just lovely.

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