My Heart Check-Up

I had my cardiology appointment today, after seeing the GP about increasingly annoying “skipped beats” over the last year.

After an ECG and a heart ultrasound, the consultant saw me and told me my heart is perfectly healthy.

He says I am suffering from ventricular ectopic beats. They are very common and totally benign.

There is no heart murmur either.

Ectopic beats are often provoked by nicotine (nope), caffeine (two teas a day at most), fizzy drinks (nope), alcohol (hardly ever).

Oh, and stress.

Well, yes. I do get that. A bit.

Isn’t it funny how I keep expecting something terrible to be wrong with me, but I just keep getting told I am in perfect health??

So I started wondering.

Is everything down to stress?

Am I miscarrying because of stress?

Generic baby websites reassure women that stress doesn’t cause miscarriage.

But there is an interesting summary of studies here that say the opposite.

And a huge increase in miscarriage rate is seen in women exposed to rocket attacks in war zones.

Am I stressed?

Hell, yes I am.

I’ve been stressed for two years while trying for a baby, losing 5 pregnancies and simultaneously looking after two young children with zero support aside from my husband. I’ve lost two grandparents and my brother has been in and out of psychiatric wards. I’ve also found myself dealing with impossible emotions surfacing from my own childhood since becoming a parent myself.

I’m a control freak and a bit of a perfectionist.

So, I’m going to get an adrenal stress profile done and see what the results are.

And I am simply too tired, tonight, to write anything else.

11 thoughts on “My Heart Check-Up”

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve been through so much -looking after kids is so hard without the other stuff you’vre been going through 🙁 I barely cope on a daily basis. I hope you have a good night.

  2. I absolutely believe stress can cause all sorts of health issues in our bodies, so why wouldn’t it negatively impact a pregnancy? But how do you go from stressed out to stress-free? Maybe the yoga practice will help?…

    • “But how do you go from stressed out to stress-free?” Exactly. Exactly. I wonder this all the time. When I know the answer to this, my life will be amazing 😉

  3. I hope the yoga practice helps. Maybe consider talking to someone for a while, get some tools to cope? And lastly, maybe something to take the edge off at times. I know you are all natural, and I get that, but there are some natural alternatives to treat anxiety. Maybe look into it. Stress is incredibly bad for the body. It was part of my drive to yoga/meditation.

    • Yes! I was wondering about exactly that yesterday. I will look into herbal remedies and see if there is anything that can make the day seem less like living under a war-is-imminent siren.

  4. I’m so glad you are physically good. That’s great news. As for the stress component, I also believe stress does some super crazy stuff to our bodies. I know I have also read all over the place how stress does not cause pregnancy loss (though I think there is a strong connection between stress and failure to conceive in the first place), but there is a part of me that has always doubted it. Stress manifests itself in so many physical ways in our bodies. I’m terrible at managing my own stress most of the time, but I do know deep breathing exercises help me a lot, and have actually been something I’ve been able to stick with. It’s a good starting point and easy to learn and practice (more so than yoga and meditation, I dare say). Oh, and sleep! The power of sleep is amazing. Anything you can do to increase your chance of getting a good night’s sleep as often as possible is worth it in my book.

  5. Sending healing, peaceful thoughts your way from Pennsylvania. Your stress story resonates with me. I figure stress is damned near the leading cause of just about everything. Be well, John

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