My First Raw Book Purchase

Thank you – this post contains an affiliate link.

I’ve looked at raw books on and off for about 9 or 10 years. I’ve purchased a couple of short ebooks in the past (that I haven’t really acted on), but now I’m four weeks into being more raw in ernest, I’m finding my lack of recipe knowledge frustrating.

So I’ve ordered this book, hopefully to arrive tomorrow!

Why this one?

a) Because it doesn’t need a dehydrator and

b) It seems to be focused on quick and easy rather than gourmet recipes.

Since I tend to eat my raw veg with Heinz Salad Cream (yup, really) and my raw food recipes don’t go beyond chopping up a pepper or carrot so I can more easily get it into my mouth, I thought this might help me make more appetising meals and stop me from getting bored 🙂

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