My First Chemical Free Shower

Brown sugar

I took the plunge this morning and showered without any store-bought products.

I used sodium bicarbonate and water to wash my hair and then vinegar mixed with water as a rinse. I’m still playing with quantities, so I’ll do a proper post on this after a few weeks, when I’ve settled into a routine.

I used milk to clean my face before I got in the shower – I just wiped it over my face with cotton wool.

Then in the shower I used a coconut oil and sugar body scrub – just lovely.

My skin feels so smooth!

I suffer from terrible dry skin and my skin feels stiff, tight and itchy a lot of the time, but after getting out of the shower this morning it’s all lovely and soft – no moisturizer needed afterwards.

All in all it felt a bit weird (taking a collection of pots from the kitchen into the shower), and a bit “out-there”, and the shower gets very slippery from the coconut oil, but I’m really pleased I’ve finally tried it and I think with a bit of tweaking and some better containers, it could be a permanent change.

I feel really clean, but really comfortable too.

And no chemicals whatsoever, yay!

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