My Chart So Far

So, this morning my temperature shot up.

Now… this could be a coincidence…

But all my ovulation signs are there – fertile cm that dried up yesterday, pain/twinges in my ovaries, sore boobs, and two days of positive opks, followed by a negative opk. Also, my spotting has stopped completely today.

My pregnancy test this morning was the equivalent of an evaporation line – the kind of test that if you get during the two week wait, you spend hours contemplating and wondering if it actually means anything. I’ve marked it as positive, because I know that the teeny shadow I can see means there is a tiny amount of HCG still leaving my body. I’m certain it will be officially negative tomorrow.


Note the temp I’ve ignored on 1st January? That’s because I drank loads the night before which always affects my reading in the morning. Hic.

Anyway, so I think I’ve ovulated. Nine days after my full-on bleed.

I also think that the sac came away inside when I had all the bleeding, but just didn’t make it’s way out of my body until Saturday. I didn’t get any bleeding when it finally (and so surprisingly) came out, which would imply it had just been sitting there for a while.

If this is true (which I really hope it is), then it means I am back in the two week wait. Hurrah! DH and I talked about it this morning and we decided we’re not going to be disappointed if nothing comes of this (well, okay, I will be, but whatever).

I’m really pleased about this – shall I tell you why?

Of course I will.

I’m super-pleased about this because TTC is all about


That’s just what we do. We wait, we wait, and we wait some f*cking more. Nothing ever happens quickly. Ever.

So to suddenly be faced with the prospect of sailing into a two week wait when I was still vaguely wondering what had happened inside my body with the miscarriage is quite simply, awesome.

And not only that, but when I got pregnant with my first son it was immediately following a miscarriage at 6w5d. I ovulated then on day 12. So I feel kind of lucky at the moment. And you know how everyone always tells you you are more fertile after a loss.

Now, you watch as my temp plummets tomorrow and the universe laughs at my pain. Hah!

No. That’s not going to happen.

Good thoughts only!

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  1. The waiting just sucks so bad!!! I’m surprised we haven’t all gone mad yet from all the waiting and wondering! I wish you luck as you start back down the road again!

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