My Chart and My Health Check Results

My temperature went back up today, hurrah! So I think I really have finally ovulated, but we’ll see when fertility friend gives me my crosshairs.

What I will say is that my boobs feel like two great big rocks on my chest, so I know my hormones are sky high.

I know I shouldn’t, but I am really holding out hope for this month. I think it’s just because I managed to have my son like this, straight after a miscarriage, that it feels somehow like it might do the trick. I think DH is relieved that my temperature has gone back up again, ha ha.

In other news, I visited the doctors this morning for my 40-74 year old health check. This is a nationwide scheme the NHS are rolling out here to screen for risk of diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke and dementia.

I was a little worried there might be something unexpected (I really love my cheese and wine), but it was great. My blood work is, without wanting to sound too far up my own backside, awesome. Ha ha! The nurse said she’d never seen someone with such a low calculated risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is especially important to me, because the last blood test I had done, two years ago, showed I was clinically deficient in blood serum potassium and blood serum calcium, had extremely high inflammatory markers (reactive C protein) and was generally pretty crap.

Not only that, but I dug out a blood panel I had done in 2006 and compared the results – I am better in every way than I was in 2006 – almost 9 years ago. My thyroid function has improved incredibly (TSH from 4.5 to 1.98!), my cholesterol is lower now than when I was 31 (and is now less than half the average level in this country). Even my kidney function has improved (which apparently it isn’t supposed to be able to do).

I think I was probably living with the consequences of coeliac disease for far longer than I realised.

I notice now how much faster I recover after exercise, and how much energy I have in general throughout the day. My aches and pains have all pretty much disappeared and my joints no longer complain about doing things. And most of all, since going gluten free, I have been so much happier. When your health is sub-par it affects everything, even your mood.

It’s taken me a long, long time to get to this point, but now I am so pleased that for all these years I have persevered with slowly moving to a diet that contains more raw food, less caffeine, less refined sugar, and consistently trying (and often failing) to make exercise a normal part of my life. Best of all I have never taken any medication – I have done it all through eating better and moving more.

So… given my glowing report, and how good I feel these days, there’s only one thing left for me to put behind me.

Recurrent pregnancy loss.

One good egg. That’s all I need.

8 thoughts on “My Chart and My Health Check Results”

  1. Thank you! It’s taken it’s time, but to have changed things – medical facts – has really made me feel happy that I’m on the right path. Recheck is due in 5 years – gonna be even better for that one 😉 x

  2. I know how hard you have worked on this over the last couple of years so i am so pleased you are now getting a reward for all the effort! It also makes me pleased as i have been on a similar journey so hopefully good things are happening in my body too!

    • I thought of you after I got my results, and how you’ve modified your eating habits after your clean-eating stints and how you’ve gotten so enthusiastic about exercise over the last couple of years. I reckon great things are happening inside you too – I never really realised how long it took for our bodies to change and heal. It is a huge amount of time. Probably why when I was younger I was so crap at looking after myself because I never waited long enough to see any real results 🙂

      • Ha that was so me too! I was never patient enough to see the good stuff a healthy life can give you. It was too long between drinks if I did that! Fingers crossed you are right and good stuff is happening inside me too.

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