Mum Doing OK

Mum was much better today than she was yesterday – she’s had a bit of an infection after the removal of the balloon pump (raging temperature last night), so the docs have now given her antibiotics to take. It’s really awful the way treatment of illness or disease so often causes other problems. Apart from that she seemed so much better, which was a huge relief after the way Little Bro and I left her yesterday. The docs still want to look into the heart problem she has, so she isn’t moving back to our local hospital just yet. Mum’s going to come and stay with us for a while after she’s released. We have a futon in the lounge which makes a comfy double bed (Steve and I used to sleep on it quite a lot in our old flat), and it’s warmer here than at her flat which has much bigger rooms, and higher ceilings. I can also make sure she’s eating reasonably well and just keep an eye on her generally. I feel a bit less stressed about it all today – I’ve been a bit of a zombie for the past 48 hours, not really thinking or doing anything apart from going to the hospital, but I think (I hope), the worst is behind us all now and she just has to put some serious effort into getting better and taking good care of herself.

In other news, I had my blood test at the hospital this morning. They seemed to be taking ages to get the blood out, and when the nurse finally said she was finished, I looked back at her (I can’t watch needles going in – I would probably punch the nurse in an automatic self-defence reaction), and she had four large vials of my blood on the desk, all with different colour tops on them. I felt like I’d been robbed.

Two weeks ’til I get the results back from those. All I need to do now is see a dentist…

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