Mouse Alert

It’s trying to snow outside – bits of snow are forming in the air and floating by. Steve and I escaped the office before 5pm, arrived in our lovely new home, opened a bottle of pseudo champagne (just for the hell of it, and cause it’s Friday, and nearly payday, and we can’t really justify going out for dinner), wandered upstairs to the study chatting happily away and lo and behold… a little mouse dashed past my foot! I almost (almost) dropped my glass of bubbly.

Mr mouse ran under the laptop bag on the floor, so I picked it up and he darted out from under it, shot out of the room at breakneck speed and rounded the corner into the bathroom in a way that would have made Michael Schumaker proud. Then, disappointingly, he disappeared.

Horace the mini-spider who’s been living in the bathroom quite happily since we moved in, might want to stay out of reach.

We’re on amber mouse-alert now.

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