More Raw Weeks 9, 10 & 11

raw food week 9 raw food week 10

Things haven’t been going so well over the last three weeks – as you probably guessed by the lack of information!

Week 9 was erratic mainly because of the fact that I had a faint positive pregnancy test, which disappeared (again), so to be honest I was comfort eating.

Week 10 we were on holiday with the in-laws. I tried hard, and managed to eat fruit most days but meals were often out or at the in-laws so they tended to be more traditional food and not the raw salads that I would make at home.

Week 11 I didn’t even record. We were all so tired after a week away (and the boys sleeping less meant less of a holiday and more work for us), that I could barely function enough to remember to eat a sandwich at the right time, let alone nourish my body properly. Then we were away again this past weekend visiting friends, so all in all week 11 wouldn’t have been great, even if I had taken the time to write up what I was eating.

What I have noticed

I have been distinctly less energetic, and have felt quite down over the last couple of weeks. I feel a bit podgier around the middle. Not only that but my skin has a rougher texture and I’ve had the odd spot.

And it might be my imagination, but I look more withered. Seriously!

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep over the last two weeks, but my wrinkles are deeper than they were 3 weeks ago.


I need to pick myself up and get back to eating better food. I didn’t manage a great breakfast this morning as we had to go food shopping first thing and there wasn’t anything in the house I wanted. Lunch is going to be a big salad, and from there hopefully I can get myself back on track.

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