More Raw Week 8

raw food

I was actually surprised when I calculated this week’s percentages.

I have felt like I’ve eaten junk food all week, but actually it hasn’t been too bad.

I have eaten too much sugar and takeaway food though.

It’s been a bit of a crisis week, testing my staying power, but I think I’ve made it through “giving up” and I am ready to have a better week this week.

I really need to cut down the amount of sugar I am eating (how many years have I been saying this?). I’m trying to eat more fruit to balance out the cravings, but we’ll just have to see how we go.

I think I could probably do with eating a bit more in the way of protein also, as I know from experience that protein helps reduce my cravings for everything (sweet food and more food in general).

Onwards to a better week.

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