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Week 6!

6 weeks is the longest I have ever stuck to any kind of healthy diet, so this is a real benchmark for me. AND this week I went gluten free, so it’s all going really well.

I saw my Dad’s girlfriend yesterday for the first time since Christmas and the first thing she said was,

“You’re looking well!”

I’m taking that as my first compliment on raw 😉

My percentages are a bit up and down this week, but my average is 32% for the week, which is pretty much on target for 1/3 raw (from calories eaten). I had two really great days with >50% raw which is fantastic.

I’m feeling really good – especially since ditching the gluten. I’m sleeping well, my joint pain only gives me trouble in passing, my stomach isn’t bloated, and incredibly my eczema is almost gone. The skin is still dry and a little itchy, but all the redness has disappeared.

My dry skin in general (which I really suffered from in the first few weeks), is noticeably better too. It’s still dry, but not so sore and withered-looking.

Last week’s mouth ulcers are all gone and no more this week.

I have a little patch of eczema-like skin to the side of my nose, which has been there for a couple of weeks now. It’s tiny – no bigger than a blueberry – but I’m still waiting for it to clear up. It’s really odd, because I’ve never had it on my face before and it came up at about week 4 (when everything went haywire). Detox symptoms I guess.

All in all a good week.

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