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It’s been an interesting week.

I’ve been really unwell, but I seem to have come out the other side again now and am feeling much better.

I developed a chest infection 9 days ago that took almost a week to shake, and on Thursday I (again) got a terrible sinus infection – my head hurt all the time. It actually felt like it was going to explode when I leant forward.

My eyes have been really gunky in the mornings (eugh) and to top it all off, I’ve been experimenting all week with no chemicals in the bathroom (home made shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lip balm and moisturizer – posts to come!) and my eczema/unidentified rash around my waist has flared up worse than it ever has before. I have been so red and sore and itchy.

I’ve read a lot about detoxing and healing crises, and to be honest I’ve always been quite sceptical of this sort of reaction. But I actually can’t explain why I’ve felt so good for the last three weeks and this week felt so bad (especially given my great percentages).

So maybe this was some kind of detox reaction. My hands have permanent prune-fingers, as though I have just got out of the bath, and are papery and dry.

On the positive side, my skin is feeling really soft on my face and my skin tone is looking more even.

And this is the first week I’ve managed to break the 50% mark in one day, hurrah!

I’ve also noticed that I am really enjoying the raw food now, and look forward (more or less) to eating it. In the beginning I had to make myself eat raw food instead of cooked.

We went to Cafe Nero yesterday and I couldn’t finish my hot chocolate – it tasted too sweet and powdery.

I do feel like I’m a little on the cusp of a major lifestyle change and at the moment it could go either way.

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