Monterey and More

Christmas lights look really pretty on Santana Row:

Santana Row

And we love the hot tub on the roof…

The Valencia, Santana Row

Monterey Aquarium is excellent. Five of us from work went to see it yesterday and it was better than I had hoped it would be. It had some amazing displays, full of hundreds of creatures, some of which you couldn’t even imagine actually existed. Seriously – some of the things they had in tanks looked like they had been invented as part of the set of a science fiction film.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I had some serious problems getting Photoshop Elements to work today – a complete reinstall has still left it partially unusable. My hard drive is just completely full, so I’m hoping this is just due to a lack of memory and probably a hugely fragmented drive… Need to do some back-ups and siphon off some data, else I’m not going to be able to get any more photos on here.

I have however, enabled the streaming media server in my hosting package, which means, ladies and gentlemen, I will soon be able to share my handycam recordings and camera movies without you having to wait forever for them to download. Exciting huh? More on that shortly.

It’s been months since all of us from the UK have been together in the same place, so we’ve spent hours and hours gossiping like little old ladies about everything under the sun, up to and including what the vegetables were like at the UK Christmas party (I have inside information that someone was sick on the coach on the way home this year – lol, this makes me feel much better about my disaster two years ago, something else I will get around to talking about at some point in the future…).

Since Steve and I have shopped, played basketball with Richard (he has way too much energy), gone swimming with Richard (see?), lounged in the hot-tub at the lovely Valencia Hotel and eaten an enormous dinner with everyone before heading back to our apartment, we are exhausted. I am only just about awake enough to add in the pics I’ve taken and say we’ve had a fab weekend. Zzzz.

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