Monday Blues

I’m feeling really rotten today and am at home with a sore throat. Felt rubbish yesterday too. I remember going through a phase of excrutiatingly painful sore throats about 3 years ago – hopefully this is just a passing thing.

Work has been hell for the last couple of weeks. Steve and I found ourselves stuck in the ridiculously unprofessional situation of knowing that we were going to be moved to a different manager before our manager knew. And there he was giving us all work to do and being unusually happy, and we couldn’t say anything…

He was devastated when he found out, and probably felt humiliated that we knew beforehand. The gossip and politics that goes on where I work defies belief. I’ve never worked in such a witchy, tale-telling, fish-wifey company – and nearly all of them are men!!! It gives a whole new insight into why men work late and get so stressed about the office – it’s like girl-gangs in the playground.

Anyway, the stress of it all has left both me and Steve feeling exhausted and irritable, so we’re avoiding the whole work subject at the moment, and have just enjoyed a really chilled out weekend.

I’m probably not going to sleep properly tonight as I’ve just lain in bed all day alternately feeling sorry for myself and surfing the web. Thinking about doing a detox after our holiday in a fortnight. Maybe.

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