Monday Blues II

Yawn. Not much going on here. I’ve been spending ages looking at 43Things lately, and have updated my goals to 31 items now, and added entries for nearly all of them. If I manage all those things in the next year or two I’ll be highly impressed. No need for me to make new years resolutions now either. Heh.

I’m still finding my feet at work with the Windows stuff. It’s going slower than I would like, and I’m still having trouble with my enthusiasm after it was killed off in September when the project I was working on was canned. It’s a bit insecure after that little fiasco, and tends to disappear if I don’t keep it happy for 8 hours solid. This is doubly difficult now I’ve discovered the fact that some people got pay rises this month and I didn’t (for reasons yet to be revealed). I probably wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t just saved the company about $100,000 over the next two years by turning down the US assignment.

Funny that they’d spend the earth to keep me in the US for no good reason, but I get nothing from the salary review.

Actually, not that funny at all really.

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