Minimalist Desk – AT LAST!

minimalist desk


It has been months and months and months in the making.

My desk is where I process everything.

Research for subjects from school info to health to film and book reviews, household admin, my finances, paperwork, mail, forms, letters, cards, ebay selling and freecycle, photo and movie editing, programming, and of course, blogging.

There is always something going on and there is always stuff everywhere.

But slowly, slowly, I’ve been getting rid of it all. Dealing with it, working through the endless pile, until suddenly, the surface of the desk started to show. Then a last big push to get to today. Empty!

Do you think I still need the in-tray?

I’d better keep it for now 🙂

Two big things that have slowed my process this year are:

  1. the big sort through of all my sentimental stuff (some of which was scanned or even sold on ebay, and a lot of which had been living on my desk for months), and
  2. the massive collection of paperwork and photographs from my late grandmother who passed away in February (I was the executor of her will).

This morning I tackled the last couple of outstanding jobs in my in-tray and I have reached the bottom. Truly – not just filed stuff away for later, or put things in drawers, I have dealt with and processed every single thing.

I am so happy to have a nice clean, clear space to work in.

And once I’ve worked out what on earth I’m going to do to reduce all the childrens’ toys I’ll be able to show you a photo that includes the floor 😉

And it looks so much better than it did in March 2012:

messy desk

You can’t clear out all your junk overnight – I know that for certain.

But you can make a difference with small changes, month in, month out 😀

Small steps people! We can all get where we want to go with small steps!

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