Minimalism: The Reward of Small Changes


I have noticed a gradual change in our house.

Since making the decision to move from decluttered to minimalist (and we are a very long way from the end of the journey), things have been getting easier somehow.

I am starting to notice that piles of stuff don’t accumulate quite as badly as they used to. Consequently, I spend less time looking after stuff and more time doing things I want to do (or that I should be doing).

Yesterday I mopped the kitchen floor after stacking the dishwasher. Now, maybe you mop your floors every week, but I am the kind of slovenly housewife that never mops if she doesn’t have to. Yesterday however, without any guilty-conscience prompting, I just did it. Why? Because the kitchen has less stuff in it. The mop and mop head are more accessible. The house is emptier and it feels even better when it’s tidy. Because there is enough space for a 5 minute job to really be a 5 minute job.

Last night, I played on the Xbox after the boys were asleep. Gaming!! I haven’t turned on the Xbox in probably two years (not since before the birth of my youngest). Why? Because the kitchen was clean, the lounge was tidy, we have cut right down on how much TV we watch and I didn’t have any pressing paperwork or other chores to deal with. Suddenly, with less stuff, and therefore less time spent on sorting out and tidying stuff, there is time (albeit limited) to do things I enjoy. Things I enjoy! Who’d have thought it!

And today, when Boy 2 went for his morning sleep, Boy 1 asked to do painting, so we just did it:


Normally the table is full of papers and other stuff and I tend to resist messy activities because of the amount of preparation, cleaning up and work involved. Not good for my boys and not good for my stress levels when they are clamouring to do something I don’t really want to do.

But this morning, the table was empty, and the paints and paper were right there on the shelf. It took us 2 minutes to get what we needed and Boy 1 loved it.

So, as I travel ever more enthusiastically down this minimalist path, and read more and more wonderful blogs full of minimalist inspiration and people that are ahead of me on the journey, I can honestly say that it is slowly changing our lives. For the better.

Of course, I’m not perfect, and my in-tray still looks like this:

in tray

But over time it’s all the little changes that add up to make a big one, right? 😉

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