Mid-Cycle Update

I don’t really have anything to write about, but these things are on my mind, so I thought I’d scribble them down while I had a chance.

The summer hols are here in two days, and I have the boys 24/7 for 6 weeks, so I won’t be at the computer much until September comes around. Also, this blog is a really accurate diary for me, of our journey and our struggles, so it seems right to update when we are actively ‘trying’.

Our fertility clinic appointment is on 8th August. And my period is due on the 6th August (must check cancellation policy…).

This month, we’re in with enthusiasm:

  • GLUTEN FREE for almost 3 months now 🙂
  • I’m drinking a ton of water each day
  • No alcohol
  • Trace amounts of caffeine (white tea only)
  • Daily green smoothies
  • Lots of fruit and veg
  • Less meat
  • Vitamins and probiotics
  • Daily meditation
  • Lots of BD (obviously)

Also, my latest craze (’cause you know I’m crazy about natural methods), is lunaception. Basically you leave a dim light on three days a month, and then sleep in (as close as) total darkness the rest of the month. Apparently, women’s bodies tend to cycle with the moon (ovulate on full, bleed on new), and it can help irregular cycles, etc. etc.

I already have cycles like clockwork – I’ve been a 29 day girl all my life. But I thought about it a lot, and apparently farmers sow crops with the new moon because it makes their roots grow stronger. Isn’t that amazing? And midwives say maternity wards tend to be busier around the full moon… So I wondered about the effects of the pull of the moon on the human body… and you know, I’m not heavily into this kind of woo woo thing, but what if there is something in it?

So, instead of just leaving a light on for three days from day 14, we’re actually going with the REAL moon cycles and sleeping with the curtains open for three nights a month on the three nights around the actual full moon.

At the moment, I’m quite a long way out from ovulating on the full moon, but I’ll update on this further down the line.


DH is on his way home tonight with sperm friendly lubricant (and I didn’t even ask him to buy it – how cool is that?), which we’re also going to try out.

I’ve got a faint line on my opk, so ovulation should be within the next few days.

Isn’t this exciting?

Can you believe it’s still something I am interested in after 27 months and 5 miscarriages?

No, neither can I.

But I have a good feeling about all this, all of a sudden.

So we’re going with it and we’ll see where it takes us.

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    • Funny enough, I just had that exact conversation with them! Yeah, we might well do that, would be interesting to see what their thoughts are.

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