Me and DS1

It’s almost a year since I was rushed to hospital by ambulance, miscarrying at three months. Every now and then DS1 still talks about it – he’s currently 3.

Mummy, have you got a baby in your tummy?
No sweetie, I haven’t.
Why couldn’t your baby grow Mummy?
Well… because some babies just don’t grow properly. Why do you ask? Would you like there to be a baby in my tummy?
Yes, but this time you need to make sure it grows properly into a big baby, Mummy!
Oh! Well, if I ever get another baby in my tummy, I’ll try to make sure that happens, ok?

[DS1 nods sagely and continues with his sticking.]

And then, a week later…

Mummy, how do you make a baby?
Well, it grows from the eggs that live inside your body.
But sometimes they don’t grow.
No, sometimes they don’t.
But, why… [tails off, then face brightens].
Mummy! I can make a baby! If you get me some making things I can make one!

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  1. Oh man!! How does your heart take it. Such a sweet child! Hugs and prayers! I know what you are going through is soo difficult. Prayers and thoughts going out to you!!


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