Magic and Miracles

A long time ago, about a year into my 3rd baby quest, I remember reading a comment on a fertility forum from a fellow ttc-er that said she had resorted to having a spell cast because everything else had failed. She admitted it was crazy, but she did it anyway.

She has long since gotten pregnant and left this lonely road, so maybe it did help in some way, even if it was just the belief that it would.

Well, today is our wedding anniversary and we are off out to dinner (woo!). And today is also the 6 year anniversary of the conception of our first pregnancy. Yep, I got pregnant the night we got married. Sadly, I miscarried at 6 weeks 4 days.

But today, I am due to ovulate.

Exactly six years after our first pregnancy, I’m now seeking our last pregnancy.

And wouldn’t it just be magical if it was meant to be this month? That we might somehow conceive a healthy third child 6 years to the day after we started trying for our first?

We’ve booked the restaurant that we went to the night we conceived DS1.

If I get anymore superstitious I’m going to be bordering on crazy…

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