Lunaception – Month 2


So, the theory is I should ovulate at the full moon (which is what our ancestors would have done).

I now leave the curtains open 3 nights of the month (the full moon and the night before and after).

Month one:

Full moon fell on days 5,6,7 of my cycle. I ovulated really late that month (CD17), which is very rare for me. So, ovulation was 11 days out.

Month two:

Full moon fell on days 4,5,6 of my cycle.¬†Awaiting ovulation…

2 thoughts on “Lunaception – Month 2”

  1. I saw a BEAUTIFUL full moon last night!! Peeking through the clouds until I could see the whole thing. It was impressive. Hoping that the moon somehow helps you in your quest! XO

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