Lovely Positive OPK

positive oak

I must have jinxed myself yesterday.

After barely thinking about babies for two weeks, today I was overcome with complete paranoia that I was heading for an annovulatory cycle.

Moving on in my own time is one thing. Being unexpectedly thrust into symptoms of perimenopause is quite another.

My temps have been crazy this month. Up and down like mad and way out of normal range. And although I’ve had a bit of ovulation pain I haven’t had anywhere near the usual pulling and cramping on one side.

So today, with pain pretty much all gone, low temps and at CD13 I panicked and bought a box of opks from the supermarket (and I’ve done so well not using them for the last few months).

Did a test as soon as I got home and ta da!!

Very reassuring to see those two lines (oh how I wish they were on a pregnancy test).

Where is my ovulation pain??

Who knows.

But now I can get on with my day without any further panic.

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