Love Your Job

It’s gone 6pm on a Friday afternoon and I am sitting here in the office on my own, listening to the gentle electronic hum of the enclosure fans and surrounded by twirling screensavers on the 2 or 3 monitors each of us has on our desks.

This time next week I won’t be here anymore.

And everyone else will carry on without me.

I’ve taken a journey down memory lane looking through all the emails I’ve accumulated over the last 3 and a bit years… it has reminded me of the many reasons why this has been such a great place to work, and also the reasons why I wanted to leave.

I simply cannot believe that so much time has passed so quickly, and that I am no longer going to be working with the people that have kept me company, and mostly in good spirits, since the day I started.

As you can probably tell I am on the verge of becoming maudlin, and it’s a good job I don’t have secret stash of alcohol under my desk.

I have changed since my first day here. I am a different person, and this place has seen me through some of the lowest and most terrible moments in my life. It has also been a constant throughout some wonderfully appreciated happy times and experiences, and it stood quietly by in the face of incredible and not so incredible news and events.

It’s like leaving a big family.

I have loved it here, and I will always look back on it and love it. No rose tinted glasses needed.

Well, I better pack up and go – I still have a final week left, and I’m meeting Steve in half an hour to lose another game of badminton (sneaky practice tonight after the work matches on Tuesday where I don’t think I actually managed to score a single point).

2 thoughts on “Love Your Job”

  1. Ah change – it”s always traumatic to some extent. It’s good to have some good memories to take with you, though. I hope your new job has as much to offer.

    And good for you in taking some holidays, otherwise you’d probably have to wait a year before your new holidays kick in.

    I need to take some holidays – and go somewhere, rather than just hang around the house for a week.

  2. Thank you – I’m half excited and half nervous!

    I’m planning on just hanging around the house in my time off – no holiday can beat the lack of effort required to just stay at home and do whatever you fancy. A rare pleasure! 🙂

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