Love Hate

My muscles are aching so much from two visits to the gym that I end up acting like a retard when I try to put my coat on.

Anyway, since I’m feeling vicious, here are 10 things I really hate:

1. Christie Estate Agents (money grabbing lowlife company – NOT to be confused with Christies Estate Agents, who are probably very nice).
2. People who drive so close behind you that all you can see in your review mirror is a car bonnet.
3. Recruitment agents.
4. Paying tax.
5. Reduced ISA allowance.
6. Incompetent doctors.
7. Benefit fraud.
8. Cruelty to animals.
9. Lack of manners.
10. Big Brother (celebrity or otherwise).

And just so as not to leave everyone feeling miserable with that bunch of losers, here’s 10 things I love at the moment:

1. Steve.
2. Our new house.
3. 0% credit cards.
4. Old photos.
5. Jack Dee.
6. Libraries.
7. Sunshine on frost.
8. Central heating.
9. Organic food.
10. The gym.

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