Loft Clearout Update

Well, it definitely has to get worse before it gets better!

Clearing out the loft really has been a bit of a Pandora’s Box.

I took Boy1’s cot out of the loft this morning, along with all the toys I’d shoved up there previously. This of course means that the house is *temporarily* more full of stuff than ever.

I’ve also cleaned off the old baby gates that were in the garage and dusted down the double buggy (my boys are 21 months apart, so it got good use. I had planned a third before Boy2 was out of it, but, well, you know).

It feels great to be letting these big items go.

I have an evening on eBay planned tonight, which will help pay off the overdraft, and the loft is looking like it did before we had children. I am feeling strangely excited about it finally being empty of things I need to deal with. I’m even thinking of going through the baby items again just to make sure I’m only keeping those things I love.

There’s something symbolic about the space over our heads being free of things that clutter up our minds.

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