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You may remember that last August, Steve and I did a whirlwind tour of Cornwall, and along the way we stopped at the National Lobster Hatchery and adopted a couple of lobsters (as you do).

I was just looking at their website and discovered that our lobsters (Bob and Arthur), which were raised in captivity along with hundreds of others, were released by a scuba diver back into the wild in October last year – aw!

08/10/2005, Bob, South Fistral, Newquay (that’s Steve’s)
20/10/2005, Arthur, South Fistral, Newquay (that’s mine)

Did you know: Lobsters can live to be one hundred years old, and grow up to two metres in length (if they’re not eaten first that is).

2 thoughts on “Lobster News”

  1. Excellent, do they GPS tag it so you can meet it when it’s older?

    Cor, I wouldn’t want to come face to face with a 2m long lobster, although it would make a good feast.

  2. No GPS tagging 🙁 But I guess it stops you being upset when you find out it’s later been caught by a lobster-catcher for someone’s dinner.

    A 2 metre lobster would be be pretty scary wouldn’t it?

    “Er, nice lobster, be a good boy now… ”


    – -The End- –

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