Little Moments

This morning I retrieved and opened the small bag of maternity clothes I had saved in the loft. My first foray into the collection of things I was on the verge of getting rid of.

I don’t need them yet. I haven’t looked at them since I put them away after my youngest was born. Through all the first trimesters we’ve started (and never finished), I’ve left that bag untouched.

Opening it today was wonderful. It only had a handful of things in it – two skirts, a dress, a top and a pair of summer trousers. I only kept the things I really loved from my last pregnancy. But it also contained a couple of other treasures – firstly, my ring sling, which I can’t wait to use again. It’s a Storchenwiege (I still have no idea how you pronounce it) and was the best of the slings and wraps I tried:


And best of all, the nightdress that I gave birth to my youngest in. It’s a beautiful, soft, loose cotton thing, in black, with a button down top. I held it up to my face and remembered how comfortable it was, and how I sat in the hospital bed, in the middle of the night, breastfeeding him while wearing it.

I already know I’m going to wear it again.

It’s a soft feeling of awe to be able to look at these things with the intention of using them. I believed that the next time I saw them it would be while I was sorting them out for donation or sale. I am truly, truly blessed.

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