Life With Two

It’s days like today when I ask myself what kind of mother I would be if I ever did have three children.


There are some days when your kids bring out the best in you and make you grateful for every single moment.

And there are days like today.

I love the two little monkeys more than anything in the world, but lordy you need the patience of a saint to keep on smiling while they scream, demand, fuss, change their minds (x1000) and do a fantastic impression of spoilt brats all while my ovaries are aching like buggery because ovulation is due today, I’m trying not to think about the fact that my hospital results appointment has been postponed by 48 hours and my head feels like bursting with the enormity of my to do list over the next two weeks.

Today we have had:

Total meltdown from DS1 because he wanted a foam sword that I knew he wouldn’t play with for more than 5 minutes. In the end I caved (the shame), only because an hour later he came up to me with a sweet sideways smile and a cute expression and said Mummy, pleeeease can I get a sword? Yes, I will regret it.

Total meltdown from DS2 (the loudest child ever created by man) over EVERYTHING.
C, hold on, I need to load the dishwasher
C, wait, I’m just putting the washing away
C, I just need to go for a wee.
I’m so happy that our neighbours know I can’t even go to the toilet without causing a disturbance of the peace.

DS1 and DS2 spinning Hank the tortoise around in the garden UPSIDE DOWN and screeching with joy at this great new game. I won’t reproduce the lecture I gave them both on animal cruelty at this point, but I did ensure that all the windows and doors were closed and we were all inside so that my heavily pregnant neighbour didn’t have to listen to it. As for the efficacy of lecturing a 3 year old and almost 2 year old on animal cruelty, I have no idea, but I felt better afterwards, even if the tortoise didn’t.

DS1 and DS2 yelling at each other at bedtime at the top of their lungs, even though they sleep just 3 feet apart. It’s not even discernable what they were saying, but the general gist (according to DH who thankfully came home in time to pour me some wine and take over), was that DS1 was loop-repeating a blood-curdling, guttural war-cry because DS2 was being too noisy for him to get to sleep.

And… relax.

In the time it’s taken me to tell you this, they have, of course, both dropped off to sleep.

And naturally they are even cuter, and lovelier, and more gorgeous now I’m not trying to prevent the outbreak of world war three in my own home 😉

Cue gratuitous cute photo…


Butter wouldn’t melt, eh?

7 thoughts on “Life With Two”

  1. I smile only because I know those days so well! Sweet old ladies like to tell moms to cherish every moment…but it just isn’t possible. Some (most) days you just glean a few bright spots that carry you through and make you decide that getting up and doing it again tomorrow will be worth it!

  2. Thank you for coming by my blog! Your kids are adorable, and I have nothing but respect for moms, especially moms of little ones! I have lots of nieces and nephews, and while I don’t live with them day in/day out, I know a little of what a handful they can be. They are fortunate to have a mom who loves them so well!

  3. You have adorable children! Life with 3 is not much diff from having 2. I only lament not having enough time for my elder 2 kids when no. 3 comes along. But my elder 2 kids are surprisingly patient with their little baby brother and loves him lots. Sometimes, I think they did a better job in entertaining the baby than I do. I wish you luck with no. 3 and hope to hear good news very soon! Be positive and enjoy your kids!

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