Laughter and Fertility

This morning I dug out my charts from when we had DS1. There aren’t many as back then (all of four years ago) I got pregnant every time my husband looked at me.

I studied them carefully and do you know what?

  • My luteal phase is the pretty much the same
  • My temp range is pretty much the same
  • My cycle length is the same
  • The spotting before AF is the same

Not only that but these days I:

  • Drink much, much less
  • Eat healthier food, with more fruit and vegetables
  • Consume way less caffeine
  • Have a totally chemical-free beauty regime

Which makes me wonder.

What on earth is different now?

Why can I not get pregnant (or stay pregnant) now, when it was so easy the other two times?

I can only think of two things

  1. I am still carrying a bit of excess weight around my tummy. Fat cells release hormones.

The fact is, I had that excess weight when I immediately conceived DS2, which leaves stress.

And boy, do I suffer from stress now.

Almost every day I will have at least one, if not many more, incidences where I just feel like holding my hands up to the sky and shouting:

I can’t deal with this!!!

Every day.

That is a lot of cortisol rushing around my insides.

So I did a little bit of research this morning, and I found a crazy study that says laughter increases IVF success rates.

Doubled it, in fact.

And also this study about stress decreasing conception probability.


The ironic thing of course is that I think I might actually be less stressed if I got pregnant.

But I guess my body doesn’t get that.

So – time to instigate a comedy plan.

We’re switching from gritty crime to comedies and I’m going to read books that are supposed to be funny. I might start taping comedy on the telly.

I am going to lighten up and find more to laugh about.

And I am not going to let the kids stress me out any more.

I’m just going to wave my hands vaguely and let the screaming over toys and the wrestling wash over me.

I’m going to laugh my way to getting pregnant, because goodness knows I’ve tried everything else and it isn’t bloody working! 😉

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