Late Ovulation

Having always had textbook cycles, it really worries me when my cycle does something out of the ordinary.

It’s day 17 of my cycle and I STILL haven’t ovulated (no temperature rise yet). This is something of a record for me as day 14 is pretty much my guaranteed day.

However, I have had ovulation pain for four days in a row, and my opk sticks have picked up some darker lines over the last two days (always second morning urine), so I think my body is trying to surge, but for some reason it keeps stalling.

Today I’ve had two distinct positives:

Positive ovulation tests

Although the second is quite a lot fainter, so I’m still not convinced that ovulation is imminent as I usually see a strong line for a day and a half or longer.

Fingers crossed I’ll see a temperature shift tomorrow morning or Sunday morning.

Why the reason for such late ovulation? More raw food in my diet? Two chemical pregnancies in a row?

Sometimes I wish I could just get in there with a camera and see what the hell is going on!

2 thoughts on “Late Ovulation”

  1. Hi – I understand your frustrations with late O when you’ve always O’ed on time and earlier. I was a reg CD16 O’er until I had my EP and Lap in December – I didn’t O for 2 months following and now I O cd21!!! It drives me mad, but we just have to trust in our bodies. Sometimes I think that O’ing CD16 just brought back luck for me, so maybe my new O date will turn out to be much more lucky. Hope you get your pos OPK in the next few days and then have fun in the TWW! (hehe). x

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