Last Supper

I can now say that I have been out to dinner with 21 men. How’s that for an achievement? :-)

When I was at school we had a school song which we used to sing on special occassions (in fact we had two, but more about the other one later). It was a lovely, strong, joyous and slightly sad song about the memories we would have of today when we were old and no longer in touch, and it was called “40 Years On”.

The chorus went like this:

Follow up, follow up,
Follow up, follow up,
Follow up! (there really was an exclamation in the text)
Til the field ring again and again,
With the tramp of the 22 men.

When I first put this post up, I was going to call it “The Tramp of the 21 Men”, because that’s how many there were at dinner last night, plus me, and my school friends would understand the reference.

Except after reading it over again, I suddenly realised it sounded more like I was the tramp, instead of the men tramping. Now that’s just not ideal, so I changed it. Sorry girls.

Work Dinner

This is most of the San Jose office (and some sneaky English peeps right at the far end)- people were visiting from all over and we were heading back to the UK, so a celebratory dinner was in order. Steve managed to order the hottest curry in the world, which a couple of brave souls tried and lived to regret. What a lovely bunch they are. We will miss them all.

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