Last Day in the Office

I can’t quite believe that it’s all over. Of course, that’s a bit of a misleading statement, since we’re not leaving the Company of Chaos, or anything that drastic. But after the 6 months we’ve spent out here in the US, even though we want to go home, I felt the tears welling up today when we were saying goodbye to everyone. Tonight is our last night in our apartment and even though I am so glad to be returning to the UK, there are lots of things I’ll miss from out here… for example:

1) The people in the office. They have a different sense of humour, a different way of working, and sometimes they say things I don’t understand because of the subtle language differences, but they are great people and it makes me sad that I won’t be able to see them every day.

2) The old ladies at the sandwich shop. They are so friendly and always ask us how things are going. Steve doesn’t even need to order any more because as soon as they see him they know what he wants.

3) Target. What an amazing store this is. It has everything and it’s so cheap.

4) My hire cars. I’ve been through so many and loved them all.

5) The weather. Not so much the burny sunshine, but the warmth in the evening, and the absence of gale force winds.

6) Where we live. Our apartment never really felt like home, but it’s still been ultra-cool to have a dishwasher, tumble-dryer and two showers.

7) The cost of clothes and electronics. It almost makes me cry to think how much money you have to spend on the same in the UK.

8) The love of English people. Nearly every American you talk to recognises you are from the UK. It always sparks conversation and makes you feel special, even though they’re probably just being polite.

9) The perceived glamour. In reality, it’s not glamourous at all, the jet lag is miserable, the nomad lifestyle is unsettling because you can’t plan more than a month ahead, the hassle of international bank accounts is a nightmare, you miss your family and friends and half the time you wonder why you’re doing it. But people think it’s the jet-set lifestyle. And in a way it’s nice to hear that.

10) Dining out. They do it here with more style and at less cost. We’ve got a lot to learn back home.

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