Lakeside 5k Series 5/5

After the last Lakeside race, and the death of my uncle, and all the sleep deprivation, I threw the towel in yesterday and said I’m done.

I told the husband I was categorically not going to run the last race in the Lakeside series.

This morning a friend who had also signed up sent me a text. She’d just got back from two weeks in the US, and she was jetlagged and sleep-deprived (she’s a working mum of two).

She said she was thinking of running and asked if I was going to run. I said I’d do it if she did it. We did it! We braved the hoard of super-athletic runners from South East England and we ran our little hearts out.

It was altogether a friendlier race tonight, and the Marshall wasn’t packing up when I came around the corner either. However, life has taken its toll because I pushed hard but came in at around 30:58. I was TIRED. It was HARD. My friend set a PB after a fast start and struggling on the second lap – she did brilliantly.

I came home and hoovered up a huge plate of leftover spag bol and had a big glass of wine. It’s the first run I’ve done in 10 days and I am so glad to be back at it. I can’t really say I enjoyed tonight, because I honestly wanted to stop all the way round and go home, but I felt great afterwards.

I have another 5k race booked next weekend, and then after that a 10k trail run, with hills (omg). I am going to try to eat a bit better over the next couple of weeks. I can’t control the sleep thing, but I can at least try to fuel my forgiving body properly.

I am absolutely certain that I am reaching the limit of improvement with my current lifestyle (my time is pretty much the same as it was 9 weeks ago on race 3/5). I’ve been hovering around the same weight for over a year and I am just not feeling very energetic and healthy. I know how important diet is… for some reason it’s the one piece of the puzzle I find so hard to put together.

7 thoughts on “Lakeside 5k Series 5/5”

  1. Whoop! Good on you for getting out there and doing it even though you felt like shit. This is the great thing about running buddies – they get you there. I’m glad that stupid marshall decided not to be a dick tonight. Thank heavens for small mercies hehe And yes, isn’t it weird how when we feel shit we want shit food. I’ve eaten a lot of naughty biscuits this week. Like almost 2 whole packs and it’s only Thursday. LOL

  2. That’s a great result all things considered (having read previous posts, my goodness!). It cannot have been easy to put your running shoes on. You can be really proud of yourself because you’ve completed something you said you would. I sometimes think that completion is actually more rewarding than the very thing you set out to achieve in the beginning (as in a faster time). Because if it was just a time thing you can do what I do and just get on a tread mill with a watch and push yourself hard – that can be done at any time (damn, my secret is out now lol). But this commitment to racing is something altogether more difficult to achieve but you’ve done it!

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes – completion is probably the more valliant of efforts, and I am pleased that I saw it through. You were right! X

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