Kitchen Sort and Organise

It’s taken weeks but I’ve finally completely decluttered, sorted and organized every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen. Hurrah!

So, I thought I’d share my cupboards with you, now that they are all under control 😉

Top Cupboard

top cupboard

First, the top cupboard. The baby formula pains me, but thankfully Boy 2 is on twilight days for this with just one bottle left at bedtime. Once the remaining stock is used up, that’s it. No more.

I use the bottom right shelf for tea making and also as a bread bin because I don’t like to have things on the counter.

Over Oven Storage

over oven cupboard

This shelf is difficult for me to reach, so it’s got things I rarely use – coffee jug, cake cases, sprouting jar and other blender attachments.

Main Bottom Cupboard

pan cupboard

This cupboard is next to the the oven and contains things I use all the time. All our pots and pans, plates and bowls, plus our grater, chopping boards, mixing bowl and pyrex measuring jug live here.

Under The Sink

under the sinkThis one could still do with a proper clean, but at least it’s tidy. Everything washing machine and dishwasher lives here.

You can see my soapnuts, which I’ll be testing out soon to see if they are a viable and cost-effective alternative to detergent, plus hidden at the bottom left a bottle of distilled white vinegar, which I am trying out as a fabric softener alternative.

Baking and Cleaning

baking and cleaning

This has all my oven-type dishes, ice-trays, rolling pin, cookie cutter set and lunchboxes.

The bottom left is my new, green cleaning shelf. Gone are all the bleaches, sprays and dodgy chemicals. Instead there’s some ecloths, borax, citric acid and soap crystals. Plus a dustpan and brush for quick sweeps after the boys eat.

I also store spare kitchen rolls in front of the baking tins, but I removed those for the photo.


I have four, and not a junk drawer in sight 🙂

drawer drawer

That’s it!

I have one other double cupboard, which is basically my pantry. That’s next on the organising list.

Our kitchen is pretty small, and in dire need of a refurb, but it’s definitely nicer now that it’s clean, decluttered and tidy.

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