June Chart

Well, I am just about the least fun person to be around right now.

My mood is just black and miserable. I cry at everything and I’m bloody fed up.

On the plus side my temperature has gone up, so even though FF hasn’t confirmed it yet, I’m pretty sure I’ve ovulated. I’d say day 12 (I thought it was going to be early this month).

And now… the two week wait.

Only this month it really IS a two week wait as I have NO pregnancy tests left after chucking them all out after last months depressing cycle.

And I’m not buying any either.

One question remains.

Do I continue to take my temperature?

The thing is, even without testing, my temperature is usually a little elevated when I am pregnant. It pops up by about 0.2 of a degree.

Waking in the morning and getting temperature readings that are my normal 98.3 or lower are going to set the tone for the whole day.

A whole day of depression over not being pregnant.

I think it might be healthier if I just put my thermometer away and wait for my usual end of cycle spotting to let me down gently.

Can I stay away from the thermometer?

Is it possible?

I think I’ll take it tomorrow to get a crosshair on FF (I know that will happen as I already tried inputting tomorrow’s temp 😉 ), and then I’ll leave it for the rest of the month.

Surely symptom spotting alone is far better for my mental health than testing and temping every day?

Is there any advantage to knowing about early failures?

I know I’m ovulating and I know the sperm is finding the egg. I don’t need to keep confirming that, do I?

Deep breath. I can do this. I can walk away.

I can stop obsessing.

But for reference:

  • Pre-AF spotting ranges from 12-15dpo
  • AF arrival ranges from 13-16dpo

So my AF arrival window in total is 12-16dpo, which works out as:

Monday 1st July – Friday 5 July


6 thoughts on “June Chart”

  1. I completely understand the obsession with the sticks! The last time I TTC (many years ago) I was the same way. Worried myself sick and was testing several times a day. Now on my new journey I’m taking it easy. I bought 20 pregnancy tests and I won’t test until I’m a week late. It’s going to save me so much money! 😀

    There’s really no advantage to learning early, in my experience. My last pregnancy in 2007 ended in an early miscarriage and I probably wouldn’t have even known had I not been testing obsessively. Just keep hanging in there! I do agree that less testing is better for our mental health and that’s the route I’m taking. Lots of baby dust to you! 🙂

  2. I too was obsessed with taking my temp and charting on ff… it is absolutely no good for the mind and soul.. give your body a break! It’s already going through so much and in over-drive, no need to stress it out more. Just some friendly advice 🙂 I was going mad over my routine and as you said it sets your mood for the whole day. Just breathe 🙂 I’m glad I stopped charting!!

  3. Having the ability to take your temp and also to test early, makes it far more possible to get obsessed, doesn’t it? 🙁
    Several years ago, when I was losing weight, I weighed myself every day because it helped me stay on track with my eating, etc. but in the case of ttc, there’s not anything you can DO after the obvious 😉 so I’d say taking your temp is probably not a good idea. Kwim?
    Btw, we are ttc too, and I am still breastfeeding our toddler (21 months) so I know how frustrating it is!

  4. Oh Rose I just want to reach through the screen and give you a big HUG! You sound so sad 🙁 I’m with everyone else and your suggestion…give the charting a break. Try to focus the mind on something else – find a book to read, some new recipes, something, anything, just something else! Testing obsessively, while tempting, doesn’t change the outcome and like another said, means you find out about pregnancies that you may never have known about as they weren’t going to take and become viable. You are actually potentially bringing yourself more heartbreak. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of baby dust. PS Get back onto the laughing project! It sounds like you need it!

  5. Thank you ladies, for your kind and wise words. I put my thermometer away in the first aid box this morning. No more temping until AF arrives. I feel tons better already that I didn’t have to faff around this morning with my temperature and analyse data before I’d even eaten my breakfast. Sometimes you can know too much!

  6. I know how you feel been there for sure! I just started reading your blog but wanted to tell you how much some natural herbs and supplements helped me go from not ovulating to pg (I have PCOS) in a few months- have you tried vitex, maca root, progesterone cream (made from yams at many natural food places in the med/supplement area) and Vitamin E all helped me as well as eating “clean”, and organic. Also getting rid of plastic as they leach chemicals that act like estrogen in the body. All little things but they add up. Oh and both times I have gotten PG I did acupuncture around ovulation and after! This site was really good http://natural-fertility-info.com/
    and there is a good supplement for fertility at moutainmeadowherbs.com love them
    I am sure you know most of this but the herbs really helped me and i was able to ditch the fertility docs completely-
    I just added these things on until it finally worked
    much luck to you mama!

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