Juice Fast Day 5

The final day!!

To be honest, I’m kind of amazed we both got this far.

So, how are things going? Well, I’m still not sleeping through, and neither is my husband. But my sleep has gotten gradually more restful and of better quality.

I’ve noticed that when I wake up and do a wee it is the darkest, most foul looking colour imaginable – much darker than it was before I started this fast.

In the daytime it’s almost clear every time, so I guess at night my kidneys must be working really, really hard filtering crap out of my body that all comes out in the morning.

My skin is still breaking out in pimples, but they are healing as fast as they are coming, and where my skin is clear it feels so soft. I’ve got a fairly stable, spotty look going on. I’ve read loads of the success stories on the reboot website and pretty much everyone says that their skin is much clearer after rebooting (these are people that have stuck to a healthy diet for months). I think the fact that my skin is worse now than when I started must be a sign that I have a lot of crap to get rid of inside. I’ve thought about it loads and have decided that when my face starts to clear up properly, then my body is probably finished with the majority of its internal cleaning. I have no scientific basis for this, it’s more of a gut feeling that when I am healthy inside, my skin will look healthy on the outside.

I’m thinking that I’m going to try to stay on a 100% plant based diet, with a really high raw element for as long as possible – or at least until I see a real improvement in my skin.

We are SO glad to be done with the early morning juicing – it’s about an hour and forty five minutes each morning to prepare the juice for both of us, while the boys run crazy around the house. Day 5 was the day of cravings – for me at least. All I could think about, all day, was bread. I haven’t even eaten bread since April last year, but it was (apparently) what I wanted. Those lovely bruschetta, or a piece of ciabatta… Mmm Mmmm!! It took all my willpower not to just stuff my face with DS2’s peanut butter on toast at lunchtime – even though I can’t eat the stuff anyway. I finished my last juice at about 7pm and I was so glad to be done, done, done.

I have planned out the next two days worth of food and I am so excited about it! We’re going to start by introducing fibre (so, er, eating stuff rather than juicing it), and then on Sunday (which will be day 8 effectively), I might think about some soup or some roast veg or something, and see how we get on.

I’m going to make courgette pasta with raw pesto on Friday (and husband is working from home that day) and I am just SO SO SO excited about sitting down to eat it… oh I hope it’s as good as it is in my imagination!!

Tomorrow I’ll do a weigh-in and measure, to compare with how things were on the morning of day 1.

Hurrah! We did it!!!

10 thoughts on “Juice Fast Day 5”

  1. Good work! Bread cravings were always really bad for me after going fully gluten-free. Sourdough was the worst. But it’s been so long now, that I don’t even remember the taste. Enjoy your fibre!

  2. I can see where you’d make the assumption about clear skin and healthy body, but… my skin has always been really smooth and spot-free (even as a teenager), and yet I know my insides are filled with gluten, dairy and other crap! 🙂 So, as much as I think there may be a tie there, I suspect that the quality of your skin is a hereditary thing. (The one good gene I inherited…good skin. :-))

  3. Congratulations Rose! You and your husband are rockstars! I’m seriously impressed. And the cleansing from the inside out makes perfect sense. I’ll bet the first thing you put in your mouth to chew will be amazing.

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