Juice Fast Day 4

Well, I didn’t bounce out of bed, but I didn’t feel cloaked in that kind of drug-like sleep that I often have to fight off in the mornings. We had another 6:15am start, and to be honest we are really glad that tomorrow is the last day.

The good news is I felt a lot calmer today. Much more chilled out.

And I think the hunger is starting to catch up with me because I noticed I was hungry as I dropped off to sleep last night (I had my last juice at 5:20pm), and I was pretty hungry in the morning, even after my juice.

I think the big revelation for me today is that healing takes time. Much more time than I realised, even with a really strict regime. 40 years of eating not particularly well is a lot of damage to undo, and going forward it’s all about what I do most of the time that matters.

Physically I felt kind of woozy in the morning, but otherwise much better than yesterday. Then after lunch, I had to make “dessert”. With celeriac. You’ve got to be kidding, right?


Nope. I juiced up the celeriac and pears and drank it. And instantly felt much better. All the wooziness went away – I think I had drunk too much water and needed some salts to balance out my system. It was after the celeriac juice that I finally felt as though I’d turned a corner. I suddenly felt like me again. But me on a good day, when I’m feeling happy and energetic.

What a relief.

I had a long bath in some Himalayan Salts and felt really clean and focused when I got out.

When I drove to school to collect DS1 I was feeling so happy – the sun was shining and the day was cold and beautiful. DS2 was singing in the back of the car and all was right with the world. A long way from yesterday’s mad anger at everything.

I went to bed at about 9:30pm, feeling absolutely fine. No hunger.

My husband had the rage thing today – he came home from work in a terrible mood, and I understood exactly how he felt. I did the boys bedtime and he lounged on the sofa looking fed up. Hopefully he’ll feel better tomorrow – only one more day to make it through.

The only downside is my skin – I had 3 or 4 more small pimples come up today, so I am looking more and more like a teenager (in totally the wrong way). The itching is pretty much gone though, and a very, very mild flare up of my eczema on my body is drying out and disappearing after popping up on day 2. Oh – and I actually did a green poo before going to bed. Ha ha!

I think I’m over the mental hurdles, but my body is still cleaning house physically. To be honest, I wonder if more days on just juice would be better for my body, but I’m not sure I can manage any more – I’ve spent considerable time today browsing cookbooks looking for healthy veg-based recipes to cook…

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  1. Yay you’re almost there. I’m sure it has been quite the experience, battling bad habits and limiting yourself to one form of food (and not chewing!). I wish you luck with the food reintroduction. Take it slow, and make the gains you have seen on this juice fast last.

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