Juice Fast Day 3


We got up at 6:15am to juice. Thankfully the last two days of juicing seem to have made waking up in the morning a bit easier, so it wasn’t too hard to drag myself out of bed.

I did a blood sugar measurement, as I’ve been a bit worried about all the sweetness in the fruit and veg. It’s fallen from 5.8 to 5.3 (overnight fasting), which I’m really pleased about. Also, my resting heart rate last night had dropped from around 55bpm (my usual) to 45bpm. Wow – that is seriously low. I know my cardiovascular health is really good from my recent blood test, but 45bpm? Last time I checked I wasn’t an Olympic athlete, so I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Anyway, the main thing for day 3 was that I was Mrs Angry personified.

It was horrible.

The oddest thing about it is that my physical symptoms had mostly subsided – no headache, and generally feeling great. But my tolerance, my emotional energy, was at almost zero.

The first thing that got me was the lemons. How many bloody pips are there in a lemon? I’ll tell you. There are about 8 in each one. Hidden in the segments. You can’t put them in the juicer (it’s a single auger, not a centrifugal one), so you have to pick them out. One by one. Aaargh!!!! SIX LEMONS I had to forage around in for pips on day 3.

And then I had to get the boys off to preschool and school and I was really intolerant of them squabbling and fighting and insisting on playing with lego right up until the last second of closing the front door and herding them out of the house. Little bits of lego going everywhere over the floor, down the sofa and round the house (which I’ll later tread on, or spend 3 hours searching for when they decide they want me to rebuild Luke’s X Wing).

I came home after drop off and sat in an emotional stupor. I wasn’t even sad, I was just numb. Is this emotional detox? Because my mood was indescribable. I sat down and did some programming for my professional website and every step was a trudging slog of dis-enthusiasm.

And then I had to make lunch.

I approached the kitchen, which was still a wreck from the mass juicing session this morning, like a just-woken ogre and grumpily got stuck into more chopping (and bloody lemon deseeding).

I drank my green juice (kale, spinach, celery, lemon, cucumber and a bit of apple), which I thought was going to be the vilest vile thing in vile land, but it was… okay. In fact, it was almost nice.

Husband sent me a text saying “I really liked lunch!”. This coming from the man who eats no fresh produce, ever.


Then I had a bit of a tearful hour where I seemed to swing between having loads of energy and wanting to cry in a corner because I felt so sad.


I’ve broken out in loads of little red spots on my face (yeah, that sucks), and two bigger cyst type spots that are really, really sore under my skin – one on my chin and one on my forehead. Not a good look.

The itching has subsided and I had one normal bowel movement in the morning, but still really gassy all afternoon and evening.

I guess my body is chucking out everything it can in a major clearing-house session.

And you want to know the weirdest thing so far?

I was driving home from school when out of nowhere I suddenly had the strongest recollection of these chocolate mousses that my mum used to buy us when we were kids. The taste was right there in my mouth, and the texture and everything – it was like a sensory hallucination. I haven’t even seen one of those mousse things for years, and certainly don’t want to eat one, so where did that come from?

In the end I went to bed at 7:20pm yesterday. Not because I was tired, but because I was tired of being awake and everything was annoying me. I was just angry at the whole world. Angry about not having had a baby in almost three years of trying, angry about all the miscarriages, angry about other people being pregnant, angry about pretty much everything.

Thankfully husband was faring better than I was, so he did DS1’s bedtime.

But we’ve done it – we’ve passed the halfway mark. 60% down and just two days left to go.

Assuming I don’t murder someone in the interim, I think we can do this.

13 thoughts on “Juice Fast Day 3”

  1. Oh hang in there girl. You are doing great! Many people do these types of cleanses when they have time off, or can devote themselves entirely to the cleanse itself. So the fact that you’re still running your household and such while doing the cleanse is quite the accomplishment. Interesting how the emotional stuff is at the forefront today. I wonder what your cycle is doing?

    • A very emotional day. My temp has stabilised and has been exactly the same for three days in a row now. I’m wondering if I’ll ovulate given I’ve only been drinking juice – it would normally happen in about two or three days. It’ll be interesting to see if it stays on track. Ahhh, you’re so right – a retreat type detox would be lovely. Plenty of time to sit and meditate and relax, rather than battling the washing and still doing all the usual stuff!

  2. Wow. You’re such a strong person to keep up through all the madness lol!! Maybe today will have been the worst, and the next 2 will be super easy for you!!! The end is in sight!

  3. Wow this is all just fascinating to watch. Can’t say it makes me want to do a juice fast lol You are doing great Rose, choc mousse hallucinations and all. Sooooo close now. x

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