Juice Fast Day 2

The husband set an alarm in the morning so we could get up and get the juicing done before he headed off to work. However, he didn’t sleep very well so he decided in the middle of the night to turn the alarm off (?!).

Anyway, despite the late start (considering how much we had to do), we still managed to do a decent amount of juicing to see him through his day at work. Here’s lunch for two:


On Day 2 my headache was worse, but not debilitating. I was really gassy all day, but only had a couple of bowel movements, so I was relieved about that. I took the boys to soft play in the morning to wear them out, in case I wasn’t feeling up to the job later, and I have to say it was really hard sitting there with my water looking at all the other mums drinking their coffees, teas and hot chocolates.

I also felt a bit miserable most of the day. Kind of sad. About not being able to eat food mainly.

I missed mealtimes a lot. I hadn’t really realised how much physical pleasure I obtained from eating. Food is all well and good, but it really shouldn’t be the highlight of my day – and I think it is. I think I bounce from meal to meal and I just love to sit down and eat something nice. How terrible that my life has so little enjoyment in it otherwise that eating is the best part of each day 🙁

The thing is, I was already aware of this on some level. Since I’ve had children, I have relied on food for pleasure. Being at home 24/7 in the early days with a baby (and no family nearby) is no easy job, and food became a way for me to enjoy something for myself when I couldn’t easily do much else. Prior to being a mum I would have read a book, or watched a film, or done something not related to eating. But I formed this habit early on, and it was reinforced when DS2 came along. Coffee shops and cakes became the norm and meetings with other mums seemed to revolve around the same thing. Cake, cake and more cake. Hell, I never even really liked cake that much! Juicing has really highlighted this “habit” as exactly that – a habit. Or a hobby. I don’t know – either way, I’m not taking my cues from hunger or nutritional need, which is what the majority of my intake should be related to.

Other side effects – I was pretty itchy all day. My skin just felt itchy. Everywhere.

And that’s about it. I wasn’t tired or drained. Just itchy, sad and a headache.

Once I’d had my “dinner” at about 5pm, I felt better. Day 2 was almost over. I saved one portion of juice to drink with the husband when he got home, but neither of us really wanted juice at 7pm – it’s just too late to be pouring all that liquid energy into your stomach. What I really wanted to do was sit on the sofa and drink a glass of water and feel all sleepy and ready for bed.

I changed the dessert around today as well – instead of having it after dinner in the evening, I had it after lunch. It’s so sweet and just way too heavy to drink in the hours before bed. I think it worked better that way.

What’s interesting is I can see a distinct pattern emerging for my hunger and it spikes at about midday and again at about 5pm. Given that we eat our dinner anywhere up to 8:30pm I think I really have been eating too late for my body. With normal food I didn’t notice it, but the juice really gives you energy and I just don’t feel like I need all that energy at the end of that day.

So, there we go.

40% of the way through and so far, so good.

9 thoughts on “Juice Fast Day 2”

  1. You are KILLING IT, Rose! Go you!!
    I think I was already cheating with a handful of raw almonds by Day 2 because I NEEDED to physically chew something. 🙂

  2. Wow intereseting observations Miss Rose although I expect no less from you! The scratchng bothers me though. It doesn’t sound good after all the effort you have taken to get away from that sort of thing. I’ve just seen your comment to Nancy. Sorry to hear that Day 3 sucks. You are over the halfway mark. You can do it! x

    • I was a bit freaked out by it as I haven’t had any eczema/itching since going gluten free. I’ve now got a very faint rash on my body (where I used to get the eczema), but the itching has calmed down. Detox-type reaction I guess? I don’t know – hopefully it will all clear up soon.

  3. Itching, hmmm. You and your husband are amazing. You’re lucky to have him going through this with you. The physical act of chewing and thinking about what we will eat next really is a huge part of our lives isn’t it? I never really thought of it until you said something. This may be unrelated but I’m reminded of something Iyengar said about eating and it was that we should not eat unless we are salivating for food. How funny that that is such a rare occurrence! I’ve really tried to pay more attention to when and why I eat since reading that. Anyway, you are doing awesome!!!

    • “we should not eat unless we are salivating for food” I think I really need to pay attention to that. I’ve noticed how much I pick at stuff all day long – even when I’m not hungry. It’s a terrible habit!

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