Juice Fast Day 1

Day 1 defied my expectations in every way possible.

I thought it would be full of headaches, shivering and stomach churning hunger.

Instead my headache was mild (hurrah for cutting out sugar and caffeine beforehand!), and the hunger was… well, pretty much nonexistent.

I followed Joe’s 5 day plan exactly and you consume a LOT of liquid. 5 x 600ml juices, 1 x 500ml coconut water, several glasses of water and two hot drinks (herbal tea and water with lemon and ginger – I skipped the herbal tea).

And this brings me to my first surprise: buying five days worth of juicing fruit and veg, for two people, is a LOT of produce.

We’d already ordered a couple of juicing boxes (5kg boxes of organic apples, oranges, etc.) from a local company that arrived Thursday, but the Sunday morning delivery was enormous. We literally couldn’t pack any more in the fridge.


So, because it’s cooler than the kitchen, we spilled out into the conservatory (which is the boys play area most of the time):


And finally, for the stuff that absolutely had to be refrigerated, we put it in a box in the side passage. It’s a good job it’s winter here, and a handy 3 degrees, because if it had been summer, we’d have been stuffed:


Another advantage of buying everything up front, is that we have to complete the juice fast now, because there is no way I’m throwing all that food away.

Also, we pretty much ate everything else in the house in the week before (including odd combinations, like noodles with sausages), so there is no alternative. Apart from the boys food of course, but I won’t steal from the mouths of my own children…yet.

Anyway, side effects. As I was saying – day 1 was just too much juice to get hungry. My husband didn’t drink his afternoon juice as he was too full. He got behind early on because it took him a long time to get each juice down. I was preparing more and he was saying, I haven’t finished the last one yet!

Lack of hunger aside, I had (TMI warning) six bowel movements yesterday. Six!! And I was so windy and gassy – really uncomfortable all day.

And we spent hours, literally, in the kitchen. Juicing for two people takes ten times longer than I thought it would. And the mess… The clean up… It goes on and on and on. And just when you’ve got the kitchen all sorted from one juice, you have to start the prep for another juice…

We both struggled with the coconut water, and getting the green juices down was a challenge. I had an advantage in that I’m used to drinking green smoothies, but the husband said he actually thought he might puke the whole lot back up if he drank it too fast. It is a very, very rich green.

Here’s our dinner (yields one serving each):


I have to say, I was really, really sick of the taste of lemon and celery by the end of the day (lemon! who juices lemons anyway??). Drinking some water after a juice was a pleasant relief.

There was a lot of liquid for each recipe, so we had to pour it into the blender jug in stages, because it is the only container we have that’s big enough to get all the juice in it and mix it up:


And here’s our dinner, ready to drink:


We both sat on the sofa at the end of the day and agreed that we felt pretty good. In fact, I think I probably could have done more physical activity in the day because I just didn’t feel that tired at bedtime.

I still had a pretty restless night, and the aching in my legs was bad again. I also woke up at one point to really bad pain in my left ovary, which may have been my cyst bursting I suppose. It subsided once I got up and went to the bathroom, and was gone by morning.

All in all, day 1 was a success. I think the novelty will wear off over the next couple of days and the juicing and clean up will become more tedious, along with hunger setting in as my body adjusts to less calories. But, we’re 20% of the way there.

Whenever I waver, I imagine this as a kind of prescription. An intensive five day course of the best source of vitamins and minerals there are.

Kind of like antibiotics, but much, much better 🙂

11 thoughts on “Juice Fast Day 1”

    • Thanks. Yeah – sometimes I wonder what I might be doing now if I hadn’t been obsessing for almost 3 years of ttc! A novel or something maybe 🙂

  1. Holy cow that’s a lot of produce!!!! It’s like a store at your house!! Hope you guys come out of this feeling better and happy! I really don’t think I could do it lol.

  2. Well done! I love that your hubby is so on board with this stuff too. Your fridge looks so very healthy and green. Oh and I had to laugh at the sausage/noodle combo hehe Only 4 days to go and 4 is the 4th lowest number there is in the program 😉 Woooooo!

  3. Yeah – he’s doing amazingly. Each time we finish a bag of green stuff I hear a little cheer inside my head. I will be so happy to see empty shelves in our fridge…

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