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Hurrah! It’s the weekend. Precious two-day break from work. Steve and I have watched Sin City and Read My Lips – both were pretty good. We chose Read My Lips because it has super-cool Vincent Cassel in it (and we have a bit of a thing for foreign films). It’s definitely worth seeing.

Other than that, and the usual stuff around the house, I have been mostly working on a new design for the site. I think I have finally got somewhere, so hopefully this will be revealed to the world in the next few weeks. After that goes live, there are lots of content enhancements on my to-do list, so plenty of new things on the horizon.

We also joined the library yesterday morning. Have I mentioned before how much I absolutely love libraries? You walk in to them, and for no cost at all, you can join and get access to thousands of books, journals, cds, films, magazines, reference works and newspapers. For nothing!

My Dad took me to join the library when I was really small – maybe 3 or 4. We used to go every 3 weeks to get new books, and I loved it. Dad would wander off to look at adult books and I got to choose from the hundreds of books available in the childrens section. We’d spend hours in there together narrowing down our choices to the 7 books we were allowed to take home – it was like an evening out (I know that sounds weird, but when you love books as much as I do, it’s not, honestly).

When I first started, I used to sit on little red plastic chairs for small people and select books with mostly pictures. As I got older I discovered the huge selection of books for older children, and when I was older still, I distinctly remember the excitement of being able to take out books from the adult section for the first time. I have been a member of a local library in every place I have ever lived, including America and half a dozen boroughs in London. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying in university libraries just because I love being surrounded by books. There is something about going into a library that makes me feel happy. It’s just one of those things. I just love libraries :-)

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