Is Wikipedia Appropriate

I bought my tea from a different person this morning and got a proper, full-to-the-top cup. Heh heh.

I saw my Dad and my Brother last night and I mentioned Wikipedia to them, the online encyclopaedia. Now, neither of them had ever heard of this site before and what was so fascinating and amusing was their immediate reaction, in parallel, to what kind of site I could be referring to that could be called something like “Wikipedia”.

“Wikipedia!” blurts my little bro, “yeah right! go and look that site up and you’ll probably find really dodgy stuff, some kind of weird child pervert site or something.”

My Dad concurs, he thinks it sounds highly suspect too.

My guess is that they are hearing the “pedia” and the “wiki” and thinking wicked paedophilia or something. Hah! But think about it some more – between them the age difference is around 35 years, which puts them in totally different generations, yet they both had exactly the same reaction on hearing the word for the first time.

Did Wikipedia do any brand testing before unleashing it’s suggestive title on the world I wonder? And really, is a mental association like that good for anyone’s image? It’s spoilt it for me, I have to say.

2 thoughts on “Is Wikipedia Appropriate”

  1. Well, it is a wiki, so that bit’s OK.

    If pedia is really an issue for peeps then the lunatics have won. You know the ones? Idiots who drive paediatricians from their homes.

    What does Pa and Bro make of, flickr, and, I wonder?

  2. Hmm. Maybe it just highlights how we have got to the point where there is so much of this stuff shoved in our faces that no one can see anything innocently anymore.

    Like when men are scared to pick up their friends children for fear of being accused of being a pervert.

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