Is It The Weekend Yet

Got home late last night as spent ages talking to my new manager (who’s in the US). It really is a relief to work for someone a) normal b) professional and c) who doesn’t watch porn in the office. Honestly – if I told you about the behaviour of my previous boss, you wouldn’t actually believe the half of it. Equilibrium has been restored now, so all is well in the land of work again.

I went to the gym this morning. Boy, am I tired. This getting fit business is really taking it out of me. And do I feel any better yet? Hmm. Maybe a bit happier. A bit calmer. Sometimes I sleep better, sometimes not so much. I think I’m still in the adjustment phase. It takes about 3 weeks to start seeing the effects, so at the end of this week, I should be noticing changes. Workout wise I have noticed a huge difference from the first time I went (when I could hardly push the crosstrainer round and couldn’t run on the treadmill), so it must be doing something.

I’ve also pretty much stopped eating chocolate, without even trying. I have discovered a side effect of making sure I always eat breakfast – I don’t eat chocolate at work because I am not as hungry in the mornings (my weak spot). Cool, eh? After all my previous (failed) efforts, it just came down to avoiding the situational temptation.

As a wise person once said “Only a habit can subdue another habit”.

Today I’m really worn out though, just shattered. I think I need an early night.

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