iPod Love

Yesterday Steve and I searched the entire South of England for the old style, shiny iPod Nano. I have been thinking about getting one for ages to replace my old mp3 player, which no longer has a working screen (probably because I just shove it in my sports bra when I’m running and I don’t think it was actually designed for those conditions).

iPods have groovy armband holders to keep them away from the heat and sweat of your body, and I really wanted the original shiny one because the new “remastered” version (apple’s words, not mine), has a metallic finish that feels funny.

Well, every shop we went to had no more in stock… I had almost given up when we found a Comet that had one left. It was the display model, but it was in a locked case and still wrapped up so I bought it. Full of joy for my new ipod, I took it home only to find that it didn’t work. It wouldn’t turn on, wouldn’t reset, wouldn’t power on from the computer or the mains adapter…

I left it on charge overnight, but still nothing. Finally, after reading the entire apple support pages, and lots of worrying comments like those found here, I took it back to Comet today and they swapped it over for a new-style metallic silver one.

Me and the ipod went out for a run this afternoon (as I am definitely doing the Great South Run next year, and with a year’s training I will be superfast).

I thought I was going to collapse after a crappy 1.82 miles, and it was cold, and my ears hurt, but ipod handled it wonderfully in it’s little green carry-case. What a relief :-)

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