Invisalign Update and Doing It!

Two part post:


Invisalign is going okay. I switched to my second tray last Thursday. I was nervous, wondering if I would have five days of horrendous pain again, but it was fine. Some tooth tenderness for the first two days, but no headaches (or crying, ha!).

I am concerned that my teeth are looking really brown. Especially the ones with the attachments on. I drink a couple of cups of decaf tea a day, and have since I was a teenager, so I have two theories:

1. My enamel is more porous from all the cleaning and brushing and is absorbing the stains from tea.

2. The plastic is somehow discolouring my teeth.

Every Invisalign comes with free whitening, which makes me wonder if they don’t know that this happens to a lot of people? I didn’t read about it anywhere. I will ask the dentist when I go in for my checkup on Friday.

Doing it!

I am so fed up of having a post-baby body. I’m 43, so now I have a post-baby, middle-aged and getting-older-rapidly body and it just makes me feel so depressed when I look in the mirror. I know I am comparitively slim, but I am so self-conscious of the flabby tummy and the thighs that are far weightier than they used to be.

It shocks me daily how freaking old and tired I look. I should have started running again by now as I’m running the Great South in October, but the weather has been bloody awful (the daffodils are out and we’ve just had two days of snow – it is insane at time of year for it to be so cold).

It’s time I started. I was also thinking about how I have successfully weathered two and a half weeks of no snacking and hardly any junk food simply because I have braces in, so why don’t I build on that? I don’t have to go through all the crappy withdrawal and cravings at the start like usual – I could dive headfirst into a really healthy eating plan and hopefully see some real changes.

I thought that stopping snacking would see my weight drop a little, but no such luck. My body is clinging on to that fat like nobody’s business, so obviously just cutting out sugar and alcohol isn’t enough (that alone is totally unfair and depressing – sometimes I feel like how far do I have to go to see the changes I want to see?).


I’m waiting for confirmation from my Dad that he can have the kids in 8.5 weeks for a 10k run in his village that I have done before. It’ll mean couch to 10k in 8 weeks and some serious commitment to better eating but I think I am ready to do this. I don’t want to feel and look this way for the rest of my life – and lets face it, it’s only going to get worse.

My plan is something along the lines of:

1. Three super nutritious, balanced meals a day

2. One green juice/smoothie per day

3. Follow a beginners/returners 8 week running plan and include hills on my route

4. Ensure I do some form of strength training at least once a week

5. Set up an 8 week, weekly reward schedule for congratulatory (non-food) treats

6. Join an online bootcamp for support

7. Measure progress weekly

8. Blog weekly for eight weeks to stay accountable (obviously!)

I think, for me, the shorter term the goal is, the more likely I am to achieve it. I get distracted and side-tracked in life so easily. Can I stay focused for 8 weeks I wonder?

If I actually see results it will be easier – that is half the battle for me. I so rarely see any change worth commenting on. I think the only way my body will respond is total immersion, all variables at once. Otherwise the impact is so small so then I give up because it leaves me feeling it’s not worth it, which has happened over and over and over again…

I think I’m going to go for it. All in. See if I can actually see some real changes for once.

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  1. Yay! Good for you. I know you can do this. There are actually couch to 10k programs on some apps out there so check that out. You can condense the first few weeks if they are slightly longer.

    I was having terrible trouble losing weight this past year. I did a PT for awhile and calorie counted and all sorts of stuff and I really struggled to shift the legs. I did a “hormone reset” which has basically been a detox program and I lost 3kgs in the first 2 weeks. I’m not hungry at all either as I can eat however much I need. It is just really healthy.

    Week 1 – no sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy – and you keep this for the whole 4 weeks. I actually went almost completely grain free at this point and popped in caffeine free for good measure. No sugar also meant no other sweetener of any kind. I ate green apples and berries for fruit and that’s it.

    2. Add no red meat (you already) and no fruit so it becomes a very vegetable based diet. I have fish and white meat but you could totally make it vego.

    3. Quit grains completely and caffeine.

    4 maintain it all for week 4.

    I’m week 3 tomorrow. I’ve just started to add in running again and I am really motivated to stick to a much more wholefoods way of eating. If I have treats it will be raw treats etc

    Anyway just wanted to share this with you as it helped for me when exercise + calorie counting wasn’t doing a damn thing!! Good luck!!

    • Wow!!! That sounds amazing!! And bloody well done for sticking it out. It’s seeing the results that make it easier to stick with I think and I rarely see any kind of change because (and I think same for you), I am close to my target weight and it’s just those last few kilos that need working on – which are the hardest!! But it affects my self-confidence so much and I’m so tired of the post-baby phase (feels like I’ve been here for 7 years as I’ve never gotten back to pre-preg weight in that time). I think you’ve done awesomely – would love to have read about it, lol!!! I reckon I could do something like that – am in planning phase right now, because planning and prep are key. Dad has okayed the date of the run so I think I’m gonna go for it! Woo!

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