Invisalign Days 4-5

Day 4

I think I hit rock bottom on day 4.

Day 4 was the day when I actually contemplated going back to the dentist, handing in my braces and asking them to remove all the attachments off my teeth so I could live a normal, pain free life again.

Steve took the children out and I just went back to bed. I wasn’t tired enough to sleep, so I lay there for two hours feeling the aching in my teeth and feeling utterly, ridiculously sorry for myself. The fact that I couldn’t console myself with a trip to Costa or a large bar of chocolate was probably more difficult to deal with than the pain to be honest. I had not realised how much my entire day revolves around food and drink. I am a constant grazer. I lurch from cup of tea, to snack, to cup of tea, to snack, all day long. Since taking my aligners in and out hurts, and brushing and flossing my teeth takes longer than eating a chocolate bar in the first place, it just isn’t worth it to snack any more and that has left me totally bereft of my number one daily activity: eating.

In the end, I did drag myself out of bed, and I did some housework, and I felt a little bit better. But not much. Day 4 was horrible.

Day 5

Thankfully, I seem to have bounced a little bit from the hard landing yesterday. Today I have felt a bit more positive and my teeth have finally not hurt quite as much. Taking the braces in and out is now fiddly and uncomfortable rather than something that makes me cry. The not snacking has settled into something very challenging rather than the be all and end all. I got loads of work done today and had a reasonable amount of patience with the children, so things are really on the up.

I am getting the most horrendous headaches between meals, but I actually think this is nothing to do with Invisalign and much more to do with the fact that I’m not eating anything sweet. I find it quite amusing that straightening my teeth has inadvertently been the thing, after trying everything else, that has forced me to give up my dreadful eating habits and actually consume three normal meals a day. Who would have guessed? I swear, if I’d known, I’d have done this years ago.

It’s the oddest thing. I eat breakfast, and then there is a gap of 5 hours ahead of me where I don’t need to think about food and drink (I only drink water with them in). 5 hours! I used to think all my time was taken up with the children, but you know I think 50% of it was taken up with making tea, drinking tea, thinking about making tea, thinking about eating chocolate or a biscuit, eating chocolate and biscuits and making biscuits.

No wonder I never got anything done.

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