Invisalign Day 3

I will probably drop the daily updates for Invisalign after today and switch to summaries.

Today was better. I only really had discomfort until lunchtime. For some reason, once I put them back in after lunch the pain got so much worse – more like yesterday. I did manage on one set of painkillers today though, so things are looking up.

I’m kind of getting the hang of removing the top brace, but the bottom one is a bastard to remove. It inevitably ends up with me bent over the kitchen counter (like gravity is going to help), drooling heavily onto a sheet of kitchen towel, mouth wide open, fingers inside, with the brace semi-detached while I cringe with pain and struggle to get the front part to release my teeth.

Anyway! Here’s a pic of how they look in all their glory:

Top and bottom, whipping those toothy-pegs into shape in no time, apparently. I still can’t quite believe that my teeth are going to move when they have looked this way for so many years…

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    • They are supposed to loosen with time, but I think it’s extra tricky cause of all the attachments on my teeth. I will ask next time because removing it really must be comedy viewing for bystanders – my sons run away when I say I’m taking them out as it freaks them out so much, lol!

  1. Hey Faye, did they give you some chewies? If so, use those daily! They really help get things moving. I also notice in the pic that your liners aren’t fully “seated”. ie I see a wee gap in upper and lower between the tray and your teeth. Using the chewies will ensure they are fully seated (and it really aids in getting the teeth moving). Good luck!

    Also, 9 attachments on each set isn’t that many! I have 8 on top and 8 on bottom, which I think is the standard. It looks like they gave you one extra right up front.

    My top ones don’t start until the teeth next to the front two. My bottom ones don’t start until 4 in from front – but I still wound up with 8!

    • They did give me chewies! I absolutely could not bear to put any pressure on my teeth until today, so I haven’t used them until now. You’re right about the teeny gaps. Some of my teeth are to be extruded and some are going in, so I need to use the chewies to make sure I get the full movement done in the aligners before moving on. But they are still too sore, lol! I did try tentatively today – I think by the end of the week I’ll be chewing away no problem. I’m glad to hear you have 8 on each – not that I would wish this on you – but at least I know I am not abnormal. You must be seeing some serious changes by now if you’re almost 6 months in? Today is the first day that hasn’t been awful, so I hope I am now through the worst of it.

      • I’m just at 5 months right now – and have yet to do my first filing session. That appt is scheduled for a week Friday. Despite no filing of the teeth the amount of movement is remarkable. Before Invisalign flossing the lower front teeth required a chisel, hammer and the prayers of a small village. Within 6 weeks, the floss was sliding right in. Amazing!

        • Hahaha!!! That sounds familiar. I can’t tell you how many times I bruised my gums when the floss suddenly pinged into place where I was tugging on it so hard ?. Filing sounds awful when you are in the chair – I thought I’d have no teeth left. But it’s really okay ?.

          • I’m actually pretty shocked that mine are moving so much given we’ve established I’m rubbish at keeping the trays in (especially too tray which was out from 9:30 a.m until 4:30p.m. today. It’ll come out again for dinner in an hour. It’s like a modern day miracle!

          • Haha! You would be in trouble with my dentist ?. It’s great that they are still moving though!

          • Yeah, I have many colleagues also wearing them and I hear how they need to do X, Y, Z, and they’ll wear them for nearly 18 months, and they need to buy some contraption that vibrates your teeth at night, etc. Me, I wear them as I can to fit in with my work day, and miraculously my teeth are moving like crazy! I’m excited to finally get them filed and see what difference that makes to the progress. Sooo looking forward to August and being done with them!

          • You have compliant teeth! You have made me feel a bit less worried about taking them out for over an hour at dinner (I’ve almost been timing meals to make sure I come in under 2 hours daily), so thank you. I’ve been so worried about undoing all the good work just cause I left them out too long. Good to know they are a bit more resilient than that ?

          • I can only speak for myself, but when I was super sick a couple of weeks ago, they were barely in day or night because my cough and congestion just seemed to make it impossible. I was sure that when I put the new trays in at the end of the week they wouldn’t fit or they’d be too painful, but nope! They fit like a glove! I guess my teeth are soft and pliable! ?

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