Invisalign Day 2

Another snow day with all the children at home today. By 9am we’d already spent an hour in the garden having a snowball fight and playing. The rest of the day was pretty hellish.

Not being able to ease the strain of parenting with constant snacking, chocolate and cups of tea is tough. Plus, my teeth hurt. They really hurt. The first thing I did on waking was take two paracetamol. I’ve had four more since. The last time I took 6 painkillers in one day I was in labour.

And today’s removal and replacement for breakfast, lunch and dinner made me cry, literally. It actually feels like my teeth are going to come out when I take out my aligners. Putting them back in is just pain and more pain. Once they have snapped on or off the pain eases, but it’s just awful during. And eating hurts because my teeth are so tender I can’t chew properly. And my bite has already gone all skewed so my teeth don’t seem to meet properly at the moment.

Moan, moan, moan.

It’s not all bad

On the plus side, I am drinking loads of water (to ease the dry mouth), and eating three sustaining and balanced meals so that (god forbid!) I don’t need to snack on anything. I’ve tried to work out if I can manage on two meals a day, but I don’t think I can last that long without food. Invisalign may actually help me lose the last few kilos of baby weight. I’m super paranoid about consuming anything sugary and it eating away my teeth under the brace if I don’t manage to clean it all away, so sweets and treats have been totally out of the question.

My mouth doesn’t feel so full today. I have noticed that my speech is slightly affected now and again, but probably not enough that anyone would notice.

Attachment crazy

I counted my attachments – I have 18. Nine on top and nine on the bottom. Why I have so many I don’t know.

I haven’t had much trouble with rubbing/scratching. There are a couple of spots I keep putting wax on, but nothing unmanageable.

All in all it’s really just the sore teeth that are bothering me today. And the gum around one of my back molars hurts when I brush my teeth – not sure if this is from bacteria/infection or the aligners. I’ve used mouthwash and brushed it carefully.

I am really tired. Looking after the three kiddos has been so tough whilst in pain and not eating or drinking as usual. I’m really just looking forward to bedtime. Sorry for a dry, rambling post, I’ll try and inject some more enthusiasm into the next one.

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