I have a goal, a plan, to create an inventory of every single object I own.

Why? Because I think being able to list everything I own will:

  1. Make me more aware of all the things I have
  2. Make me more inclined to use things
  3. Teach me the value of only having what is important
  4. Stop me buying things to fix myself

Here’s my inventory. It’s a work in progress:



  • Jewellery
  • A large filling cabinet of my own (and household) filing
  • Miscellaneous items (for all the things I find that don’t fit elsewhere)
  • Digital data (a whole new venture that I won’t even start thinking about until my physical environment is clear)


  • More to follow…


  • 8 board games
  • 1 first aid box
  • 1 sewing box
  • More to follow…

4 thoughts on “Inventory”

  1. This is pretty inspiring. I’ve been decluttering for over a year and really feeling drawn toward the deeper simplifying that you’ve been working towards. It’s never occurred to me to do an inventory but I can see the value of it as you write about it. Thanks for sharing your process – it’s making a difference for me and the life I want. xxx

    • Thanks! I love the thought that my slightly eccentric behaviour might help inspire others 🙂 For me it helps give me control – when for pretty much my whole life my stuff has been in control of me. Time for change is right now.

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